In the heart of London’s east end

A small but perfectly formed photographic and video studio in a friendly setting



Green Room


Styling Area

Production Area

EQ Available

63A and Regulated 32A Power

Some Natural Light

We’ve only just opened and look forward to meeting you,

25% off if you book in august!

From £250 Per Day.


For bookings and enquiries please email us at or ring us on 02081918490, alternatively use the form below giving as much info about your job as possible and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Where We’re AT

Find us 5 minutes from Bethnal Green tube on the First Floor, 119 Roman Road, Bethnal Green. London E2 0QN.

We are the door to the left of Four Corners with its distinctive orange frontage, please don’t bother them – ring our bell (which is labelled) or phone us on 02081918490 to let you in.

Roman Road Studios

Our Insta Feed *

New eighties-tastic B and O system for studio tunes. Need a cassette deck with some of that Dobly now. ...

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Our new daylight Kino-lit rolling make-up station, much sanding and oiling and some sweat! ...

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What we’re about

Located above Four Corners and Labyrinth Labs we focus on providing a full service for portraits, test shoots, and low impact editorials and video shoots. We’re not the biggest or glossiest but we’re realistically priced – never cheap but most definitely cheerful :-).

We used to be based in Hackney but recently moved to Bethnal Green where we hope to continue the easy-going vibe. We no longer have the massive windows but we do have some amenities (kitchen, green room, dedicated styling and production spaces) that make up for it.

Touch base if you have any questions and we’ll do our best to help.

* Please note – this insta feed contains pics from our old premises, Darnley Road Studios, we’re working to get some good up to date pictures of the new space, please bear with us.


IF YOU’ve Found this site via darnley road studios some good news …

The guys behind Roman Road Studios used to run Darnley Road Studios, the daylight studio in Hackney, before coming to Bethnal Green. Luckily Robin from Grand Palace Studio has taken over the premises at Darnley Road and with a little luck will be keeping it open. It’s a great space – if you’re looking for daylight and warehouse features do get in touch with him!

(+44) 07941 132914
(+44) 07804 490643